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Win-Win-Win Marketing Partnership Opportunities
Have you ever listened to a song on the radio and it took your memory back to a different time and place? Has a song reminded you of a particular feeling or experience you may have had? Just about everybody has experienced this form of emotive recall at one time or another. The sense of hearing is perhaps the most powerful of the senses when creating a face-to-face experience with your brand.

Great music engages the consumer creating an emotional connection with your brand. Strategic music applications enhance the consumer experience creating opportunities to resonate with the target audience.

  • All brands have their own music “DNA” or identity
  • Music defines a brand’s “tone of voice”
  • Music communicates your brand’s personality

Music is no longer a soft service function in the digital age. It has become a cornerstone of business and marketing strategy. The Dartmouth & District Pipe Band not only has a clear understanding of the equity music can hold in your brand, we have an emotional and personal connection to the traditional music of Nova Scotia.

The world of partnership is highly competitive and ever changing as corporations look to find new and exciting ways to communicate their marketing messages to a public which has become numb to the traditional marketing clutter of logos and persuasion.

All the radio ads, print ads, and social media applications in the world cannot equal the face-to-face experience a pipe band creates when it marches on parade. If you want your brand to be recognized in a way that creates a highly emotional connection with potential customers all the while supporting a youth orientated organization with a strong focus on education and leadership development please contact the Dartmouth & District Pipe Band.

Sponsorship Contact

To learn more about becoming a sponsor of the Dartmouth & District Pipe Band please email or call:

info@dartmouthpipeband.com or (902) 982-2013

Individual Donations

Funds support the Dartmouth & District Pipe Band and school and are used to help the organization in the purchase of uniforms, instruments and to subsidize travel costs. It’s easy to donate, simply fill out the form and submit with a cheque. Tax receipts will be issued.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Love hearing the bagpipes and want to get involved? If you are interested in volunteering with our organization please email or call:

info@dartmouthpipeband.com or (902) 982-2013